Emotions are just so beautiful and magical. The tears when it hurts or when the joy is overwhelmingly unspeakable; The enchanting smile when the magic of love strokes our heart; The glitter in our eyes when the excitement strucks; The freshly baked red coal of rage when anger looms; The ecstasy when the pleasure and frenzy cant be contained; The sagging eye bags when the disappointment hits; all appearing in their various regalia. The good, The bad, The ugly- all amazing.


Insomnia: To Pursue Sleep So Hard You Become Invigorated By the Chase — Longreads

Insomnia is not just a state of sleeplessness, a matter of negatives. It involves the active pursuit of sleep. It is a state of longing.

via Insomnia: To Pursue Sleep So Hard You Become Invigorated By the Chase — Longreads


I watched as you struggled to get past each night,

I starred with tears in my eyes as I could feel your pains,

I struggled with the reality you faced,

As I couldn’t interfer in your daily life without your permission.


Everyday I try to whisper, but you couldn’t hear me,

I endearingly called out to you but you were too scared to trust my voice,

I seduced you in many ways but you mistook me to be a pervert instead of a lover,

I chased after you but you pushed me to the ground.


I am heartbroken and it hurts even more because you reject my love everyday,

I desire to watch you blossom like the titis bloom but you prefer to perish than accept me,

I’m madly in love with you but you continue to push me away because you’re hurt,

Come to me my darling let’s work it out, cause I miss you so much.


I understand you’re are scared because you feel you’ve lost me,

I understand that you’re hurting because you feel you betrayed me,

I understand that you’re are broken and you feel you cant be made whole again,

I understand that you feel hurt and alone with almost no one who understands.


Come to me My love, let’s start over again,

You never lost me for a second, I’m still waiting for you,

I’ll mend your broken heart and beautify your scars,

I understand it all and wouldn’t mind if you just lean on me let’s cry together.


I used those scary night to fight the battles you couldn’t see and fight,

Those struggles were to strengthen you for the journey ahead while I prepared a table for you,

It hurts to see that you cried a lot because you were wavering in your trust for me,

You refused my help because you were scared of the uncertain.


You were so engrossed in your worries and pains that you couldn’t hear my  voice,

I missed our chitchats as I felt lonely too in your absence,

And I asked myself everyday, Is my love not enough?

What have I done wrong for you to break my heart?


Sweetheart, I forgive your sins, come to me let’s start over

Let go of the guilt of the past and sin no more,

That our bond will become unbreakable,

For I will love you forever and ever.


I dedicate this poem to all, especially those who feel that they have lost out in God’s love. We struggle each day to be good and holy but sins almost always drag us to the mud. Never lose hope for God’s love is forever sure.